Prestwick Beach

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Our favourite beach on a sunny day!
Preswick Beach in Ayr is a little out the way for a Glaswegian, however it just happens to be Holly’s favourite beach.
When the weather is great, and the promenade is full, you’d be mistaken for a warm beach off the coast of France.

Admittedly, you have to make the day of it (and chose a nice day!) because a beach is miserable in Scotland when it’s raining.

The length of the beach provides good walkies, with many dog walkers out for a stroll during the day.
There are plenty of facilities nearby the beach just off the promenade, including shops, restaurants, a picnic site and a children’s play area.
So if you want to enjoy lunch with your fur baby, then bring a packed one!

There’s plenty to see and do around the Ayr area if you have the time, with golf and hill walking activities available in the surrounding area.

And best of all, the double car park is located right next to the beach, so no long walkies back to the car!

We would recommend bringing towels with you, we like our car interior clean!

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