Fruity Froyo Cubes


These delicious fruit froyo cubes are the perfect treat for your dog in the summer months

PREP TIME: 10 minutes
EATING TIME: 2 seconds


photo-24Ingredients List

1 banana

1 box of strawberries

2 cups of apple juice

1 cup of low fat natural yogurt

To make these delicious doggie treats for your pets, you will need the above.
Starting with the fruit, cut up the banana, and mash it down until it becomes puréed.
Repeat this step with the the strawberries, using up half a box.

Your results for puréed fruit should look similar to mine.

Next, mix the crushed fruit together, before adding two cups of apple juice and one cup of low fat natural yogurt.
Using an electric hand whisk, mix the mixture together until smooth and well turned.

After you are finished mixing, decant the mixture into a jug, ready to pour into your container.

TIP: Use an ice cube tray for cube sized treats. They are easily stored and will pop out quickly.

Put these in the freezer for at least 5 hours before serving to you dog.

These treats are a particular favourite of Holly, but once they are gone… they are gone.


Tried and tested by little chef.

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