This website is for dog-owners, dog-lovers and those thinking about getting a dog in Scotland.
Whether your are a local or a tourist, I hope this website will prove useful for you and your four-legged friend.

This website was set up to introduce people to the vast and growing number of places which are dog-friendly. We are a nation of pet lovers, but there still seems to be a barrier between taking your dog out to the park, and actually being able to bring your dog out with you for the day.

While dog-owners know of dog-friendly places to go, many avoid taking their dog out simply because they are concerned about their dog’s behaviour or how others will behave around them.

So, this website was born to encourage others to incorporate their dog’s activities with their own.
While a list of dog-friendly places is helpful, I hope that my features and reviews with my little dog Holly will encourage people to leave the park and head up to a local restaurant for a bite to eat – without the fear of embarrassing accidents or scowling looks from other customers.

Please also take a look around our Doggy Kitchen for recipes that Holly loves (tried & tested) and that I want to share with you and your dog.
Try them out, let us know your results, and share your favourite recipes with us!

Visit and interact with us on our Facebook and our Twitter page, we love hearing from you!

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