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The Quarter

Courtesy of The Quarter

Courtesy of The Quarter

Built in 1776, this beautiful Georgian country home is situated in Denny, in South Stirlingshire.

Owned by Pippa and Robin McLean, this luxurious B&B will serve as a well deserved rest for you and your pooch.

Courtesy of The Quarter

Courtesy of The Quarter

This 19th century manor has hidden gems, including the original Georgian woodwork, window shutters and chimney pieces.
The house boasts three grand bedrooms, all en-suite. Two of the bedrooms are a double, and one is a twin, so the whole family can come if you are booking up.
You will be treated to a bowl of fruit on arrival, fresh flowers in your room and tea and coffee by your bedside. Each bed also has an electric blanket, perfect for a snuggly rest at night.

Wifi runs throughout the house, so you won’t feel too detatched from the modern times.

Breakfast is served in the dining area between 8am-9am, although Pippa can make special

Courtesy of The Quarter

Courtesy of The Quarter

arrangements for you. You can guarantee you’ll be well fed, as a full Scottish breakfast is on the menu here.

The surrounding grounds cover almost 60 acres of fields and woodland, providing the perfect

Courtesy of The Quarter

Courtesy of The Quarter

secluded getaway. Beautifully kept gardens surround the house, where you can enjoy a quiet afternoon playing together.

There are also riding stables nearby, fisheries and a fitness gym for any members of your party who aren’t partial to the country life.

Well situated, this B&B offers access to both big cities Glasgow and Edinburgh if you are interested in making any day trips.

The cost is £45 pp/per night, with any well behaved pets welcome on prior arrangement.

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The Doggy Patisserie

Courtesy of the Doggy Patisserie

Courtesy of the Doggy Patisserie

Owned by dog-owner and dog-lover Kath Crawford, the online bakery ‘Doggie Patisserie’ is a popular and thriving business within the dog owners community.
Kath, an avid baker and dog lover set up the bakery after taking voluntary redundancy and living at home with her three dogs.

With Britain being a nation of dog-lovers, celebrating your dog’s birthday and hosting puppy parties is now a popular event amongst doggy owners. It is also great for dogs to socialise and become used to other dogs big and small.

All doggy produce can be purchased in stores across the UK or ordered on the online bakery website.

Courtesy of the Doggy Patisserie

Courtesy of the Doggy Patisserie

Kath uses healthy ingredients and human grade supplies in her baking. The range is guaranteed free from coco, with carob icing used for decoration.

A great selection of treats are available on the website, from dog birthday cakes (which is the most popular item) to pic’n’mix cookies and seasonal goodies.

Kath encourages buyers to contact her with questions about ingredients or dietary requirements, as well as choosing gift options and personalising items.

Each order is beautifully wrapped and packaged. At great prices, these are an extra special treat that your furry friend shouldn’t miss out on!

Kath even has little chefs too.
They do all the tasting.

Courtesy of the Doggy Patisserie

Courtesy of the Doggy Patisserie

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The Pelican Cafe

The Pelican Cafe is an award winning restaurant located in Glasgow’s trendy West End.
Situated directly opposite Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries, it is a popular place amongst students and shoppers.

The Pelican Cafe is tucked between an array of shops and cafes on Argyle Street, but the  dog friendly sticker on the window was enough to draw us inside.
Upon entering we approached a member of bar staff to be seated, who became rather flustered at the sight of Holly despite the dog-friendly sign, and promptly told us to sit next to the window so Holly could sit in the corner out of the way.

We sat at a wooden table at the window, which provided striking views of the museum and art galleries, and also allowed for people watching in the warm weather.
A friendly waitress took our drinks order straight away.

2526383594Despite the shaky start, the atmosphere within the restaurant is calm and relaxing. There is a continental charm to the decor; lashings of creams, reds and browns, with luxurious deep-red leather booths at the back of the restaurant, and wooden tables towards the front for more of a cafe feel whilst people watching.
While there is little lighting, the fairy lights draped above the booths make you feel like you are in Spain, and the mellow jazz and South American music only adds to the atmosphere.

Bottles of wine are stored and stacked on display ready for opening, with great pricing.

photo-23 copy
Our food order is taken and Holly has sat up on a chair, idly chewing on a treat while she if often fawned over by customers coming in and out.
Out of the bustle of the kitchen, a member of staff who I can only imagine is the manager or owner, comes out to greet us and is extremely friendly towards Holly, telling us of his own pet dogs he owns, dispelling any reservations we had about how welcomed dogs were in the restaurant.

The kitchen faces onto the restaurant, and through the servants hatch the buzz within is on show. The restaurant is filled with the aroma of fresh cooking, just enough to make you desperate for your meal to arrive.

Our waitress is attentive and friendly, delivering our meals and checking on our drinks, popping over to the table every so often to ensure we are enjoying ourselves.

Our food is well presented and smells as delicious as it tastes.
This restaurant prides itself on sourcing it’s core produce locally, ethically and from top quality producers. Their speciality is seafood, however there are a great number of meat dishes, vegetarian and vegan options, and also a childrens menu for families. Children and dogs are allowed into the restaurant until 8pm, although food is served continuously until 10pm.

Blowing all nearby competition out of the water, the delicious food is more than competitively priced starting at £4, but still of great quality. Drinks are also on the cheaper side, not beefing up your bill unless you are buying wine.

There is an upscale West End feel to this restaurant. The atmosphere is mellow and relaxing,
with people quietly talking beneath the music.
Not only does the location provide views of Kelvingrove museum and art gallery but the gardens outside make a fantastic place to take your furry friend for a walk before or after your meal.


We did have a lovely time, the food definitely made up for the initial welcome.
And Holly was all puffed out after her walkies and treats.


TIP: No doggy bowls or treats on offer here, so best to bring your own.

We recommend: Wild Scottish Mushroom Tart, Tarragon Crust and Poached Egg £5

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The Stables

On the outskirts of Kirkintilloch, located at the side of the Forth and Clyde Canal, The Stables is your perfect family and dog friendly pub.

Built in 1812 to house horses working on the nearby canal, this old building has developed into a popular country pub and restaurant, complete  with great views of the Firth of Clyde, the rolling Campsie hills and idyllic scenery.

The pub itself is a rustic affair,  looking every inch the charming countryside pub  from outside.
A perfectly cut garden with benches leads up to the front door, guiding you inside the warm reception area to await seating.
A wash of oranges and browns, the dining area provides that   ‘countryside feeling’, while a roaring log fire adds to the rural atmosphere.
Minimilist wooden tables sit amongst a well lit dining and pub area, while draped curtains encourage comfort and a feeling of being at home.

Standard pub grub is available if you prefer your old favourites, while the fixed price menu with 2 courses for £8.50 until 5pm is a popular choice.

This is a family friendly pub, with a children’s menu, but many local families come on a Sunday to tuck into a delicious Sunday roast – minus the dishes.
A variety of drinks and wines are on offer at competitive prices.

Our furry friends aren’t allowed in the restaurant area, however the beer garden is where they are welcomed with water and a dog bowl at the side of the establishment.
The beer garden, overlooking the canal and unspoilt scenery is a popular place to stop for a spot of lunch or ice cold drink during the summer months.

Sheltered tables and picnic benches are situated in the beer garden, a favourite stop over for cyclists and walkers who can gain access to the garden from the canal path.

While outside, you can enjoy watching the riverboats travel up and down the canal – perhaps even catch a ride with one!
After you’ve enjoyed your food and drinks, you can enjoy a hearty walk along the canal with your furry friend.

On a warm summer’s day, the beer garden is locally known as a hot spot, so be sure to get down there early to guarantee yourself a seat.
Recommended booking in advance for a table in the restaurant area.



Our recommendation: Falafel Wrap £4.95 and an ice cold cider

TIP: Bring treats for your dog, as only water is on offer here!

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The 13th Note

Just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Argyle Street, The 13th Note is the perfect place to stop and grab a drink or a bite to eat.

And with ‘dog friendly’ in the window and a gleaming plaque above the door, we simply had to go in!

Courtesy of Gill Davies

Courtesy of Gill Davies

Upon entering the cafe, the sumptuous booths were all occupied, proving this is a popular retreat. Spacious and air conditioned, The 13th Note provides the perfect escape from the hot summer sun. Large windows running the length of the cafe wash the bar in light, adding to an already apparent bright and friendly atmosphere.
We headed to the bar to order drinks and let Holly have a rest on the cool wooden floors.
The bar staff are more than attentive, instantly greeting us and taking our order before one by one cooing over Holly. In fact, a doggy water bowl and treats arrived before our drinks (which Holly was more than pleased about).

This bar and cafe has a welcoming atmosphere, with a variety of people from families to students scattered around the bar, booths and cafe area enjoying food and drinks.

If they have regulars, they certainly don’t make you feel unwelcome!

The 13th Note is a vegetarian and vegan cafe, with an extensive menu of fresh meat free food available – starting at just £2 for snacks. For those stopping for lunch, £5 for a Budvar, burger and bun is a popular choice with the punters.

If meat free food isn’t your thing then visit for the great drinks offers available – £1.95 for an after-work bottle of Becks, or £3.95 for a Spring cocktail in-between shopping.

The cafe is a chic affair, sporting art and fairy lights strung above the tables. This area is separate from the bar and booth area which has more of a student feel, equipped with a foosball table and puggy machine.

Contemporary music played all afternoon enhancing the friendly and light atmosphere.

The 13th Note transforms at night into a music venue, with a 100 capacity area downstairs for gigs. It also plays host to art exhibitions, drawing the attention of people from all walks of life.

Just down from the St Enoch shopping centre, and opposite a car park, this bar and cafe is easily accessible and welcomes children until 6.30pm if you’ve been out for a hard day’s shopping.

The 13th Note is open from 12 noon until 12 midnight, seven days a week.

50 - 60 King Street Glasgow G1 5QT

50 – 60 King Street Glasgow
G1 5QT

We had a lovely time in The 13th Note, and were made to feel quite at home.
I have also been assured they have everything from blankets to poop bags to take care of you and your canine friend.

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Courtesy of The 13th Note

Courtesy of The 13th Note

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